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This could’ve been a short blurb on Twitter, instead I turn it into a rather lenghty blogpost of rants. Call it my sunglass saga if you will.

So three weeks ago, I decided to get some sunglasses for the summer. Because I wear glasses all the time already, I needed prescription sunglasses (and kinda special ones with different glass for each eye, long story). Finding something at a gas station, or even “stock” in a speciality store was not an option.

So this day, three weeks ago, I dropped by one the locations of norwegian optician chain Brilleland. Met a girl. She was nice and all. Showed me a few different frames. I kinda fell for one in particular, and she promised to put it aside for me so I could think it through and call back over the weekend. I called back. Spoke to a different lady. She couldn’t find my reservation. Told her what frame I had been looking at. “Oh… right, that one. Well unfortunately you cannot get that frame with sunglasses in it. You’ll have to excuse the lady you spoke with the other day. She’s new here”. What a bummer I thought, but whatever.

One week passes. I am out shopping, in a different location, and I come across a different Brilleland outlet. Why not drop by and see if I can find something else, I think to myself. And literally the second frame the guy is showing me I go “gee, theres something oddly familiar about this one…. isn’t this… wait, it is… sir? I’m not sure if I can have sunglasses in these frames, at least according to another one of your stores”. “Well that’s odd”, he replies. “I can’t see why not”. So that’s what I end up ordering.

Price is always an issue when you need prescription glasses, and I was prepared for that. However, it all turned out quite alright…

My first quote (by the untrained lady) was 3200 NOK. When I get to the other location and actually put in an order, my new quote is around 2800 NOK. When I arrive to pay, 2 weeks later, the new price is around 2400 NOK – because “we just lowered our prices on all frames by 10-20%”.

But that’s not the end: as I arrive to pay, I am alerted to a gigant poster in the window, of an ongoing campaign where “you get to choose the rebate!”. Knowing that I had put in my order PRIOR to the campaign, I ask the lady if I am still eligable. “Sure”, she says. I ask her how great a rebate I can get, and she says “well, I can’t really give you more than 99%”. Feeling a bit guilty, I still proceed to say “I’ll take those 99 then”. Note that the rebate was only on the frame, not the glass. Still, the frame was, for me, the expensive part. Long story short: the frame ended up costing me a whopping 13 NOK – though the total was still just over 1000 NOK. But: total price was one third of my original quote! As you might imagine, I am quite happy with the deal I got! I’ll leave you with some (kinda crappy) pictures.

Spectacle case. A bit feminine, sure.

The size (height) and overall shape is still quite unlike any I have seen before.

More sexy logo on the inside.

And some text…

Ok, this is the included polishing cloth. You gotta admit: it’s pretty awesome. And if it’s not obvious, it’s supposed to look like a (traditional Norwegian) waffle.

And here’s the recipe.







Bonus shot πŸ˜›

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, it’s almost a given that you’ll see more of these this summer.

I haven’t been able to find a whole lot on these glasses on the big internets, but they are by moods of norway, if you hadn’t noticed already πŸ˜‰ Awesome company and awesome glasses. That’s my one-line review.

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  1. That’s so lucky I think I’ll scoop up some “Hate Andreas” from some deep pit of my soul! πŸ˜€

    Man, damn, wow. Congratulations πŸ˜‰

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