Just got my hands on the brand new Samsung WP10, a camera almost too good to believe if you look at the specs. Slim and light weight, 12 megapixels, 5x optical zoom, 720p HD movie recording, and water proof to 3 meters depth. All for the low list price of $199 (and considerably less if you shop around).

I was skeptical, but I wanted a camera I could take to the beach, and into water, and I also didn’t mind HD video.

For this simple test, I will compare the WP10 to my aging Fujifilm FinePix F47fd – a camera pretty close in terms of price at the time of release, but sporting “only” 9 megapixels, no HD video and no water proof-ness. I took the liberty of scaling down the pictures taken with the WP10 to the same 9 megapixels as the F47fd for sake of comparison. Click the thumbnails for full-size pictures (might take a while to load).

F47fd. ISO 200, shutter 1/450, f/5,1

WP10. ISO 80, shutter 1/160, f/4,3

Not the most significant difference, but the colors seem kinda hit and miss on the WP10. Definitely needs some touching up.

F47fd. ISO 100, shutter 1/350, f/4,5

WP10. ISO 80, shutter 1/250, f/3,6

Again the colors seem a lot more correct on the F47fd. The grass is way too yellow on the WP10, and skin tones show the same. Also the sky is blown out on the WP10.

F47fd. ISO 100, shutter 1/6, f/2,8 – macro mode

WP10. ISO 100, shutter 0,8, f/3,6 – macro mode

WP10 image is blurry, even the thumbnail shows it. I set the ISO to 100 for both cameras in this test, and both cameras in macro mode and no flash. The WP10 has a min. aperture of 3,6 whereas the F47fd can go down to 2,8 which I guess is part of its advantage here. The F47fd also managed with a shutter of 1/6, whereas the WP10 chose 0,8 which you know will be trouble. I can only guess the WP10 has a smaller image sensor = bad.

Also worth noting is the flash in the WP10 is pretty bad, and quite underpowered, even for a compact.

I have yet to try its water proof-ness, but I will say that it doesn’t look like a regular water proof camera. In fact, it looks more like a regular camera. Nice and elegant. There is only ONE connector on the side, which is used for both charging, syncing AND hooking the camera up to a TV via HDMI. Also pretty nice. This means the camera will charge via USB – nice touch as well.

Lastly I leave you with a 720p video recording. It’s nothing to write home about, but it IS better than the VGA recording on the F47fd. Optical zoom also works while recording, and you DO get sound, even though I removed it for this samle.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave them in the comments below!


4 Responses to “Quick review of the Samsung WP10 water proof compact camera”  

  1. 1 Eivind Lie Nitter

    How’s the quality of photos shot indoor with flash?

  2. 2 kiteman


    Is there any real image stabilisation?

    Is there an option for interval shots ? (ie endless shots 2-10 secs apart).

    Also what is the shot-to-shot times for most scenes?

    I’d like a camera for kitesurfing and also general use.

    Lots of glossy blurbs but no specs up on Samsung webby.. that doesn’t look good.



  3. 3 Andreas

    Kiteman, I did some shooting for you to find some hard numbers.

    First off: there is no optical image stabilization as far as I know, only digital.

    You can do interval shots. Select the correct mode and keep the shutter pressed down, the camera will snap away as fast as it can. About 1 image per second for the first 10 pics, and from then on maybe 2 seconds per image, probably because it’s writing them to the memory card instead of the faster cache memory (this was with quality maxed out). You can also use a super-fast mode which promises “5 pictures or more per second”, which certainly does what it promises, but will reduce image size. Mine turned out 1024×768, not sure if that’s a default, or if it will pick one based on shooting conditions.

    Shot to shot time for an indoor scene with scarce lighting is in the range of 3 seconds (no flash), and probably less in better conditions.

    I must admit I have yet to put mine to the real test, in water. But for kiting as well as general use, I think this will be a great choice. Sure there are better quality cameras out there for the same price, but without the water proof-ness. And there are better quality cameras that also fits beach use, but cost considerably more. For the price, there really is no other competitor I think.

    I hope this helps you somewhat on your hunt for a new camera! Just let me know if you have any more questions.

  4. 4 Jessica

    Hi, I was thinking about purchasing this camera but there are very few reviews on it. I have already tried out the new Fugifilm WP and it lacked in the general shooting department, it overexposed everything when shooting indoors, I would love to know how well this camera does indoors? Whether there is a better WP camera you would recommend? Thanks Jessica =D


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