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Given that I now feel “done” with my car (it’s been a work in progress for the last two years), I thought I’d post some pictures again

More car and more resolution at flickr


Haven’t blogged too much about my car lately I guess. Probably because I usually keep that discussion to the forums. Which in turn could be because most of my readers are geeks. Well it’s time for some new pictures nevertheless. My latest “big” project has been painting the roof and panels on the inside. I’m pretty happy with the results if I may say so 🙂 Even more has changed since these pictures were taken, but it’s not ideal to shoot new ones with the current weather situation – aka snow.









New lights


Got some new tail lights, and direction lights in the front and on the side. Also, you can now follow my entire car worklog at Yeah!

Img 3916Sm

Img 3917Sm

Img 3918Sm


Badlook yeah


How to make a Golf cool. Note: before-shot is not my car, just one that looks pretty much the same (I was stupid enough not to take any pictures before applying the badlook).


So much for the “worklog”. More like before and after. Anyways, what I planned on doing with the car in the first phase, is now done. Made it look slightly more sporty (without costing more than a half decent present) – and the stereo is in place (cost slightly more than a half decent present). Pictures in no specific order below. Let me know what you think:)

Img 3690 1-1

Img 3702-1

Img 3701-1

Img 3700-1

Img 3699-1

Img 3698-1

Img 3697-1

Img 3695 1-1

Img 3694 1-1

Img 3693 1-1

Img 3691 1-1


My parents finally released the old car (a Golf III). I’ll be “borrowing” it for a start – however I’m entitled to do “whatever I like” with it. So for starters I’ll be hooking it up with a stereo.

JVC KD-G611 player. Plays CD/CD-R/CD-RW. MP3 and WMA. Has AUX-input in the front for easy hookup of say, oh I dunno, an iPod perhaps;)
Zachry BX-4 in dashboard and BX-6 in front doors
Zachry B-12 woofer (600W) in the trunk (UPDATE 15.02: switched with a 12″ Xelent alu12. kept the Zachry enclosure)
Zachry 2150 amp for the woofer (540W bridged)

Still have to figure out a useable iPod docking solution…



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