After struggling for a few days, I finally managed to put together a theme (or style as they are called in NNW) for NetNewsWire, the RSS reader I assume most Mac users rely on. You might remember earlier I made a theme for Cyndicate. Back then, I also made a theme called “Apples and Oranges”.

This theme made the basis for my new theme: I Like Candy!

I started out creating a pink theme, but ended up putting together a total of 3 different color schemes, and thus the following themes were born:

I Like Pink Candy

I Like Lime Candy

I Like Aqua Candy

Click each thumbnail for larger view.

Feel free to make any changes you wish to the themes. Redistribute to your hearts content. If you make any changes I would love to see what you did, so I’d appreciate it if you let me know.

Thanks to Alex Hong and Nicholas Shanks for help with some CSS issues.

Download all three versions.



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